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Key Features
How to play


Evorales is a vertical shoot em up inspired by the classic games of the mid-90s but with Danmaku touches, with a pixel art aesthetic completely made by hand.
In each game you can select different paths.

The game is set in South America at the end of the 19th century, in an alternative universe with steam punk elements.

Key Features

  • 12 levels with their respective bosses, plus a hidden level. In arcade mode, only 6 levels must be completed to finish the game and thanks to its path selection mechanics, you can go through different levels.
  • Different types of damage that affect enemies differently. Blue bullets for spirit damage that deals more damage to biological units and yellow bullets for kinetic damage that deals more damage to mechanical units.
  • Different ships to select, each with its own abilities, such as speed, type of shot, or how the bomb affects.
  • “Alma” mode that allows you to enter in bullet time and that returns when playing invulnerable as long as you have soul energy in your bar.
  • Difference mechanics to score, using a combos system.
  • Achievements.
  • Power-up.
  • Different endings depending on the skill of the player and the amount of secrets he discovers along the way.


Every game needs a villain and this will be no exception.
Our villain does not stand out for his wickedness or his power, but rather for the envy of his neighbors, reaching the point of making a pact with a gnu-demon, who will give him the secret of the “alma” technology.
A technology capable of turning a normal army into a powerful gnu-demon army capable of defeating its neighbors.
But not everything is lost, since intel has managed to copy and implement this new technology, creating prototypes capable of standing up to the gnu-demon army.
Will these prototypes change course of war?
Can you take command of these mighty ships and control the “alma” technology?

How to Play

Move the ship with the arrow keys or digital axes if using a controller.

Use the “Z” key on your keyboard or the “X” button on your controller to fire, holding it down will give you a powerful but focused shot that will do a lot of damage to units directly in front of the ship. This mode consumes extra power from the motors, so the speed of the ship will be reduced.


Quickly press the button to generate a less powerful but wider shot, ideal for covering a larger area of the screen, but enemies will take longer to fall.
You can also hold down the “A” key or the “RB” button instead of quickly pressing the “X”.

Toggle between “Alma” mode and normal mode with the “Z” key or the “A” button on the controller. When activating the “Alma” mode, it will be invulnerable, it will enter bullet time and the shot will be a powerful laser.
The “Alma” mode consumes soul energy, keep an eye on the blue bars to avoid running out of energy.
Soul energy can be recharged by picking up energy items that some enemies drop or by brushing against enemy bullets.

Use the “C” key or the “B” button to deploy a bomb, this does not give immunity.
Olegario’s ship has a special function, depending on how long the button is held down, the distance at which the bomb will explode will vary.


What engine is Evorales programmed with?
Evorales is programming on the NET Framework 4.5 and the SFML library.

Minimum requirements to play?
A computer with a dual-core CPU no less than 2 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and a directX 9 compatible video card is recommended.